Thursday, July 26, 2012

New and Unique Sites Launched by

PI Galaxy Stars shining on Launch Day Very Soon:

1. PrizeMania (Free Money, Free Smart Phones, Free
Digital Cameras Free EVERYTHING) 

2. SoDealicious (Eat at YOUR Favorite Restaurants @ up
to 99% Discount - Open for launch on Aug 1) 

3. IbookSmarter (Enjoy up to 99% Discount on Hotels & Resorts
World-Wide - Open for launch on Aug 1) 

4. Mailaxy (Spam Free email launches Aug 1) 

Please attend our weekly General webinars on Thursdays at 9pm EST
for all the newest developments in our PI or see your CM for more details.

Have a great day -

John Muyris

Skype - john.muyris

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Do You LOVE to be a WINNER?

                                                      Click the Picture Now! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Perfect Internet - Web Search Enhanced

The integrated web search is now even better than before. We still do NOT collect or share ANY personal information and now you are searching many popular search engines simultaneously and anonymously. Combined, these engines cover more of the Internet than any one search engine alone.

A search result is awarded one star (*) for every search engine that chooses it as one of the ten best results for your search. So a five star (*****) result means that five search engines agreed on the result.

This is significant because search engines choose results in different ways, and each approach works well in some cases and poorly in others. A result with many stars was chosen for many different reasons, and is a consensus choice of many search engines.

Also, while irrelevant Web pages can be "optimized" to fool a single search engine's algorithm, it is much harder for a page to fool all the search engines.

Additionally, find phone numbers and addresses worldwide, or search through 18 million hours of video. We set up a poll in our WAZZUB Community. Please tell us if you would prefer the new or the old search.

Not yet part of 'The Perfect Internet'? Register HERE!


John ..
Skype me - john.muyris

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Perfect Internet - Webinar Recap June 1

About Small Numbers and Big Numbers or How to Evaluate a Business Model

Dear Members,

We know from your support questions and feedback that many members would like to know more about our company, our business model and our strategy. Additionally, we received some questions about the new steps to verify your account including the upload of a proof of identity. Today we will answer all your questions and give you more detailed info about our project.
When we talk about WAZZUB and the Perfect Internet we have to talk about numbers. Numbers and the story behind the numbers can help us to understand a business model and to learn about the realistic potential of a business.
First we have to check the market we are dealing with - the Internet.

Fact #1 - The Potential Customer Base

2 billion people on this planet are using the Internet on a regular basis, so this is the maximum possible number of people who could visit the same website. The world’s most successful websites attract up to 50% of all Internet users; for example, welcomes approximately 1 billion unique users per month and is reporting 905 million members.
Since we launched our first pre-launch page, less than 20 million unique users visited our websites, including and In other words, still more than 99% of all Internet users never have heard about our project.

Fact #2 - The Competitors

You can find about 200 million active websites on the Internet, all of them striving for traffic. is the world’s leading provider of global web metrics. Based on the number of visitors, the number of page views and the time that users spend on the website, is calculating a global traffic rank for all websites.
To be in the Top 2,000,000 means to have a better traffic rank than 99% of all active websites. To be ranked at #200,000 beats 99.9% of all websites and a rank of #20,000 beats 99.99% of all websites. Our main page is listed at #2,043 for May 29; this is a better traffic rank than 99.999% of all websites.

Do you remember? - Less than 1% of all Internet users know about our project yet but nonetheless we already gain more traffic than 99.999% of all websites. Can you see the potential here?

Fact #3 - What is Hot on the Internet

Analyzing the most successful websites on the Internet you can easily find out that they all have one thing in common: they offer free services and they earn money by displaying ads and/or by selling goods. This is exactly what we will do at; plus, we have added valuable rewards for our pre-launch and beta-launch members.
The most crucial point to be successful is the product or the service that you have to offer. If the users don’t like it, they won’t use it - it’s is as simple as that!
The best way to see how much users like a website is to compare customer reviews. If you would compare the reviews about with some of the leading websites you would be surprised about the results. The users seem to love our project and an unbelievable 98.7% of them give us 5*****. 

This is all the more remarkable because we just started a very basic version of our page a few weeks ago. So many exciting features will be added before the end of our beta-launch; for example our patent-pending no-click-no-scroll navigation technology, the multilingual geo-targeting and the state-of-the-art email service, just to name a few.

Fact #4 - How is the “Perfect Internet” Different

1 - First we have to point out that our project is FREE FOREVER and that we are the only global project that is rewarding its members simply for setting up our page as their home page and for inviting other free members.

2 - We are one of the few truly global projects. Did you know that many companies discriminate between “good traffic” and “bad traffic”? - Users from wealthy countries are very welcome while they try to keep users from developing countries outside. For us there is one world - one people - one project and we will never disadvantage members because of their race, their gender, their religion or their sexual or political orientation. We are one big family and together we activate the Power of “We”!

3 - Our project is your project. Our members decide during beta-launch about the features, the functions and the details of the “Perfect Internet”. Our programmers will take care that all the features will be highly customizable so that every single member is able to create his/her own “Perfect Internet”.

4 - Transparency. We are not hiding behind a P.O. Box or behind a virtual offshore address. We founded a real company, officially registered in the U.S., with a real office and real employees - and by the way, we pay real taxes every month. You can find not only our telephone number but our whole Articles of Incorporation online, containing all important names and numbers; our domains are registered without privacy so that you can easily check who the owner is. Our website is certified and verified by while issued and validated an SSL Certificate for our page.
Several members visited us in our headquarters in Las Vegas and found our administrative staff alive and kicking. Additionally, we are preparing a page that will introduce all directors, officers and country managers. Right now we are expanding our team and sadly we have to appoint a new president of our company as our Mr. Lee passed away a few weeks ago.

5 - Profit Sharing Phenomenon. For the first time ever a global company decided to share their future profits with their pre-launch members (members who joined on or before April 14, 2012) without any other obligation than to set up our page as their home page.
Unfortunately, the Profit Sharing Phenomenon attracted a lot of cheaters who thought that they could make some “easy money” by creating thousands of fake accounts. We are sharing the 50% of our profits as promised, no matter what; so the cheaters might have thought that they would be cheating on the company but in truth, they are cheating on all the other members who believed in our potential and did a great job by inviting other “real” people.
We believe in keeping ours a strong WAZZUB Family and to protect our honest members, we want to avoid paying one single dollar to any cheater. That is one of the reasons why we set up the strong verification process for members who want to receive payments.

The Additional Verification Process

1 - The Special Terms
As a pre-launch member who wants to receive payments you are obligated to set up as your homepage. We know that some members, especially from developing countries, do not have their own computer but share a computer with family members or use public computer terminals in libraries or cyber cafes. We don’t want to penalize these members and therefore we offer the following solution:
If you do not use a computer where you are able to set up as your homepage you need to upload a short explanation together with your proof of identity. Please tell us which computer you normally use to browse the Internet and confirm that you will start browsing the Internet from even if this page is not set up as the homepage on this computer.

2 - The Proof of Identity (POI)
According to our terms the uploaded POI has to be an official, governmental picture ID (e.g. Passport, Driver’s License, personal ID Card) that shows your full name, your date of birth and your signature. It seems that in some countries there is no signature on a picture ID or Driver’s License. If this is the case for you, please simply put your signature on a blank piece of paper and upload it together with your POI.
Some members asked us, why we need a POI before we can make any payouts. First of all we are legally bound to prevent fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes. This is regulated by several federal laws, e.g. the Money Laundering and Financial Crimes Strategy Act (1998). Our options on how to get paid will include bank wire, check and a WAZZUB Debit Card. Following the advice of our attorneys, the easiest way to stay within the law is to ask for POI before making any payments.
Additionally, it is a lot easier for us to sue cheaters if we know who they are but maybe now most cheaters will  think twice before they upload a POI as they should know that trying to get payments for fake accounts would be a serious crime (and serious punishment) in every jurisdiction around the world.

How Do We Calculate the Final $FACTOR

A few days ago we closed the last door to raise the $FACTOR for pre-launch members. Now we will delete all fake accounts and unverified accounts from the pre-launch data base and then calculate the final $FACTOR for all members who uploaded their POI. Only these members will see their final $FACTOR.
Some members asked why we need to fix and freeze the $FACTOR once and for all times now; why it is not allowed to verify and upload POI later. Well, every qualified pre-launch member will receive a certificate that clearly states his final $FACTOR and the Global $FACTOR (the amount of all $FACTORs of all qualified pre-launch members). The certificate will confirm the exact percentage of profit share and the member’s unlimited right to receive payments.
If we would allow members to join the Global $FACTOR at a later time it would be a breach of contract with all of our existing pre-launch partners. If a member misses the deadline to upload POI he/she will receive no payments but will be qualified for DealPOINTS.

How Much Will You Get Paid

We know that a few members still believe that we promised to pay a fixed rate of $1 per $FACTOR but we never did that. Right from the first day of pre-launch we talked about sharing 50% of all future profits with our pre-launch members. So the payments that you will receive will depend on how much profit we make. The more members who setup as their home page, the more profit we will make. In one of our earlier posts we answered to the question “How realistic is it to earn $1 per $FACTOR per month after launch?” with the following words: “To be honest, it is very unrealistic!”
On August 1, 2012, our final launch date, we will start our own deals project and skill games project. These projects will drive additional profit into our pockets. But during beta-launch, there will be bugs and glitches that need to be corrected and we need the time to improve our system and to add more and more functions that our users like.

The month of May has been our first business performance indicator, the first month to prove our business model. The bad news is that in May we generated only about $2,000 and our net profit will be negative. That means there will be no profit to be shared for the month of May.
At first glance this result might sound very disappointing, but there is some good news hidden:
The number of users who visited and used our home page in May was very, very low. Because of our new time line we have had only 10,000 daily visitors on average at

If we would have had 100,000 daily visitors, there would have been $20,000 revenue, with 1,000,000 daily visitors $200,000 and 5,000,000 visitors would have led to a million $$$ in gross revenue. In the real estate-retail world, they have an old catch phrase for the three things that will lead to success:  “location, location, location”. On the Internet and with the WAZZUB Family, the three things that will lead to success are:  “traffic, traffic, traffic”.
This leads to three simple steps that you can do as a member:

Step 1
Set up as your home page and start browsing the Internet from our page. Use our web search, play some games, read the latest news, meet your friends in our community.

Step 2
Tell your WAZZUB Family to visit our page and to login with their registered email address and password. Most of our existing members did not yet visit their new home page.

Step 3
Invite new members to join our family. You can use your old invitation link or you can use your new one, both will work.

Do you remember the numbers that I told you in the beginning? More than 99% of all Internet users NEVER have heard about our project yet. We have an amazing free home page to offer with fantastic features and free DealPOINTS. For just two more months our project will be in beta-launch. We are like an orchestra that is arranging and warming up for the big concert and starting in August, we will give a mind-blowing concert and for sure, the whole world will listen.
The “Perfect Internet” is your unique chance to be a part of something that never has been done before.

John ..
Skype me - john.muyris

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24: Webinar Scheduled for Tomorrow

Tonight we will officially close the last part of our Profit Sharing Phenomenon for pre-launch members. The old members' area at will be closed and we will start to delete unverified members, fake accounts and cheaters from the data base in order to calculate the final $FACTOR for qualified pre-launch members.

Tomorrow, May 25 at 3:00pm Pacific/6:00pm Eastern there will be a webinar about the additional verification process that is obligatory for all pre-launch members with a $FACTOR of 3 and higher to be qualified to receive payments.

Click here to register for the webinar

New Polls in Our Community

We added 2 new polls about the future personalization of the news section "My News". Please go to "My Wazzub" at or login to our community at and vote for your favorites.

It is YOUR Perfect Internet!

John ..
Skype me - john.muyris

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recap Webinar Wazzub/ May 16

Dear WAZZUB Family,

On our last webinar we've told you that we needed to set up a new time line, because a lot of unexpected things happened during our pre-launch. Well, things happen, and we are not the first company and for sure we are not the last company that has some delays in their progress.

You have to have in mind that we are creating something new here; something, that never has done before. All team members are working as hard as they can and they do their very best to deliver as promised and within the time line.

It was not easy to make the decision to change our time line and we want to thank all of our members for their patience and understanding. Today we know that the decision was right, because it took a lot of pressure from the team and finally all team members have been able to concentrate on their tasks.

As a result, we are right on track and we will open the signup/login process on later today exactly as we announced it 2 weeks ago.

I will tell you the exact time later in this webinar because first I need to explain to you how easy the login process is for existing members. Later today, when you go to the page, simply click on the “Log In” button and enter the same email address and password that you use to login to the members’ area on the WAZZUB signup page.

Now our system leads you on autopilot through the setup process to create your personalized homepage:

As first step, you will be asked to agree to our terms and to our privacy policy. In the following, you will step-by-step set up your “perfect” home page. When you are already registered at the WAZZUB Community, you can simply connect both accounts by entering your Community login details on the related screen. If you are not yet registered at the WAZZUB Community, you simply choose a username and password for the Community and your account will be automatically created.

After you finish the setup you will find yourself on our welcome page, where you can see your FACTOR and your new link to invite free members. Your old invitation link will stay active, so you can use both of them in the future.

There is some more good news about the login process at even members who are not yet verified in the old system will be able to login and to set up their personal homepage. And here is the kicker:

All unverified members who set up as their homepage before the end of May 21, 2012 will be automatically verified and will count for the $FACTOR of their inviter.

Yes, you have heard it right. No more waiting for a verification email. Simply tell your unverified members to login at and they will count for your $FACTOR!

Here is a short recap for you:

1. Go to

2. Login with your WAZZUB Phenomenon email and password

3. Follow the easy setup steps


FINALLY, you can enjoy as your homepage. It will stay FREE FOREVER, there is NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD, there is NO JOB TO DO. Simply enjoy the advantages of your perfect homepage and share your experiences with your friends, partners and family. Invite them to join our 6.4 million-member Family and build your FACTOR.

Now we have a world premier. A brand new P.I. Promo Video. It will be available within the next 24/48 hours and the link will be posted on the blog and P.I. News

Isn’t that amazing? All members are allowed to use this video to promote the Simply put your invitation link below the video and invite others to watch it.

The signup/login has launched, exactly at 10pm Pacific. If you can not log in yet, it’s simply because the site hasn’t propagated in your area yet. Keep refreshing your page. Once you’re logged in, simply follow easy instructions on how to set it up and personalize it.

When you enter the page, please have in mind that we are still in beta-launch. What you see is not our final page and layout. What you see is just our basic beta version. Between now and August 1, 2012 we will add more and more functions, news sources, deals, games and much much more, based on your feedback and your recommendations. 

This is YOUR project and you will create YOUR Perfect Internet!

As a pre-launch member, you have 5 more days until (May 21, 2012) to build your $FACTOR and to tell your unverified members to log in at to get verified.

Enjoy it!

With your success in mind,

The P.I./WAZZUB Team

Not yet using the Perfect Internet? Register here below 100% Free, and enjoy!!


John ..
Skype me - john.muyris

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PI - My Perfect Internet - New timeline, effective , May 1

WAZZUB Headquarters
7251 W Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 364 + 365, Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA

Other than those 4 employees, our team consists of more than 20 people from
7 different countries, all of them addicted/committed to turning our project into
a huge success because they KNOW that this is so SPECIAL.

With all that said, our members who followed our posts and statements know
that we are real and that we are here to stay despite all obstacles.

Our business model is no secret. It is simple and there are thousands of websites
out there that do the same and earn a lot of money: they offer a free service and
they earn money through advertising and/or affiliate programs, e.g. Facebook,
Google, Yahoo, just to name a few.

The only difference is that we will share the success of our project with our pre-
launch and beta-launch members.

Our project will stay free forever; We will share our success with our members
exactly as we promised; And there is still nothing to buy, nothing to sell, nothing
to download and there is still no job to do.

The only thing that we have to change, and we know that it hurts, is our timeline.

We are not able to compensate the month that we lost during pre-launch.

We simply need more time to prepare things like our members want us to do;

We simply need more time to finish the work on our main project;

We simply need more time to delete all the cheaters;

We simply need more time to set up payment options for members from more
than 200 different countries;

And we simply need more time to establish more partnerships with well-known
retailers and other business partners.

Therefore, we decided give you more time to build your FACTOR which gives
us more time to finish our tasks.

Here is the new timeline, effective , May 1:

May 1 through May 21:

Extra time to build your $FACTOR (as a pre-launch member)  Signup of new
members only at (Success Sharing Phenomenon)

May 16:

Launch of new signup and login at:

May 22 through May31:

Pre-Launch members who are qualified for payments update their profile
in members' area and upload proof of identity.

Note: we are bound by U.S. Law to make payments only to individuals
with proven identity. Our Anti-Fraud Department will delete all cheaters
from our data base. Those cheaters who try to receive money by giving
personal data will be sued in the USA and/or their country.

Financial fraud is a serious crime in all jurisdictions.

June 1 to June 14:

Evaluation of the final winners for our monthly contest (February and
March) and the main winner (Trip to Las Vegas)

After we have deleted all the cheaters, we will fix the final $FACTOR
for all qualified pre-launch members. Qualified pre-launch members
will select in the members' area how they want to get paid.

June 15:

First payday for pre-launch members.

July 15:

And every month thereafter on the 15th is payday for all pre-launch

July 31:

Beta-launch of ends.

Aug 1:

Final launch

Booking of DealPOINTs to members’ accounts based on the Deal-
FACTORs of all members.

Please have in mind that our project is in beta-launch until July 31.

Down times, slow times and some services that might not be available
from time to time, can occur anytime during beta-launch as we are
improving our systems.

An old wise saying:  Understanding is the beginning of respect.

Please try to understand that we made this decision to secure the
success of the whole project…for the whole WAZZUB Family.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this new timeline may cause
for any of our members.

The potential of our business is still far above average. Even our basic
home page without customization is setting new standards.

Imagine the final version with a never-before-experienced level of
personalization and usability. Imagine your favorite news, deals,
messages, games, links and videos all on one page.

Imagine receiving free deals, coupons and cash games just for
inviting other free members.

Our final version will include our own global retail shop with incredible
deals on all products (up to 99% discount for members only) and a
skill games portal with a chance to win Real Cash Prize Money.

The Internet might seem to be a virtual world but we are here to do
“real” business. Our goal is to be successful and to make profit -
and for the first time ever, a global company is sharing their success
with their free members.

It is up to you – together with millions of other members - to take
advantage and create something that has never been done before.

Not yet using the Perfect Internet? Register here below 100% Free, and enjoy!!